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Retreat on Guru Yoga of Chenrezig,
Developing a Compassionate Heart


Nalanda Monastery / August 20th-30th, 2012

We are pleased to announce the visit of Khandro-la at Nalanda Monastery, to lead a retreat on developing a Compassionate Heart in day to day life based on the Guru Yoga of Chenrezig. The retreat will start on the evening of Monday, August 20th at 7.30pm and will end in the morning of Thursday, August 30th 2012.

Download the updated version of the sadhana.

Download the tunes for the sadhana.

* Please browse the above menu to find information related to your enquiry about the retreat. We aim to provide as much information as possible, such as location, retreat topics, general organization, etc. If some information you would like to know is missing, don’t hesitate to tell us about it, we will adapt accordingly…

* This event is opened to all.
-We are pleased to announce that registrations are now open. Please proceed to ‘Registration’->’Register’ where you will be able to enter your personal information and booking dates.

In order to give more flexibility to participants who need to make travel arrangements and for them to be able to register a space for the full retreat, we have decided to extend the 10 days period reserved for full retreat bookings (17th-27th June) to the 2nd of July.

If you need to book your space for a partial retreat, you will then be able to do so from the 3rd of July onward. Full retreat bookings will be of course possible until the start of the retreat, provided there is space available across the whole 9 days of the retreat.

- The minimum attendance for this event consists in 1 day of retreat (includes retreat fees and meals). Note that bedrooms and dormitories at Nalanda will be reserved for people attending the full retreat.

* Accommodation will be provided at various locations:
- Nalanda Monastery (camping, dormitory tents, double bedrooms – note that space is limited at Nalanda)

- Vajra Yogini Institute
(Bedrooms, camping, dormitories)
Travel to and from Vajra Yogini Institute will be organized with a car pool service. If you have a car and are hosted at Vajra Yogini Institute, please let us know at the time of registration of how many people you could bring with you every day of the retreat to Nalanda.

- Various guesthouses

- Hotels in Lavaur.
(for more information, check ‘Accommodation’)

*Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner will be provided at Nalanda Monastery. All meals are vegetarian and vegan.

* Other events
Information about these events will be announced on this page. You will also receive updated information if you join our mailing list.

With all our devotion and joy, we pray that no obstacle be on your path to join us for this incredible opportunity with Khandro-la,

Nalanda team